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Cookie Policy​

When you enter the website ( Your accessing data to the website will be  collected in the form of cookies. This cookie policy explains the definition, process, and objective including deleting and refusing to collect cookies. For your privacy, you have permitted us to use cookies according to this Cookie Policy by accessing this website as detailed below.

What are cookies?

Cookies are small text files to collect information about your visit to a website, such as a date and time, the link clicked, the page visited and the conditions of the settings which are saved to the computer device and/or communication device accessed, such as a notebook, tablet, or smartphone, via a web browser while you enter the website. Cookies generated from any website can be used on other websites to access information in web browser cookies. But cookies will not harm your computer equipment and/or any of your communication tools.

How do companies use cookies?

BCI (Thailand) Company Limited (“Company”) uses cookies to record your visits and sign-ups for your website by making it less complicated for the Company to remember your use of the website. The information will be used to adjust the display of the website to satisfy your need. To facilitate the speed of using your website and in terms of safety.

There are 2 types of cookies used by the company according to the collection as follows

  1. Persistent Cookies are cookies that will exist for a specified period or until deleted by the user. This type of cookie allows the website to remember the user and their preferences when you are back to use the website again. This will help you to access the website services more conveniently and quickly.

  2. Session Cookies are cookies that exist temporarily to record you during your visit to the website. For example, to monitor the language you have set or chosen to use, etc. And will be deleted from your computer or device when you leave the website or close the web browser.

The purposes for using cookies that the company uses are as follows: 

  • Strictly Necessary Cookies
    These types of cookies are necessary for the Company's website to provide you with access to different parts of the website and help to record the information you have provided through the website. Disabling these types of cookies will affect your access to the website of the Company.


  • Analytics Cookies
    This type of cookie is to inform the user's interaction with the use of the Company's website services, including popular pages or areas of the website as well as other data analysis.


  • Functional Cookies 
    These cookies are used to record options that you have set up and allow the website to provide additional features and content to match your usage.


  • Unclassified Cookies 
    These cookies are those types that cannot be identified as a cookie and are under consideration for such types of cookies.

How do you manage cookies?

Most browsers are set to accept cookies by default. However, you can refuse or delete cookies on the settings page of the browser you are using but it will affect the form and use of the website which may lead to result of unable to access.

Links to other websites

The company's website is not linked to third-party websites or social media.

Storage period

The Company will collect cookies as necessary for a reasonable period. The duration of cookie collection will depend on the type of cookies that are being collected. You have the right to delete such cookies at any time.

Rights of personal data subject

You can view the details of the rights of the personal data subject in the Privacy Notice of the Company.

change notice

This notice may be updated to conform to the situations and the service provided. The Company will notify you of the updated notice on this website. Therefore, the Company recommends that you should understand the changes in accordance with the stated conditions.

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